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Welcome to Innotak store, your number one source for all things ecological home goods. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of product, with an emphasis on Environmentally responsible behavior and beautiful design.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us: innotakltd@gmail.com.

A part of an American dream is to protect the Earth and the environment around us. It is our planet, this is where we were born and we have no other place beside it. It is our home, it is our parents’ home and this will also be the home of our children. But what did we as individuals to protect it from pollution and toxic waste? Not a lot right, but not everyone can donate a lot of money to anti-pollution foundations or lead some kind of movement that would help to clean up the Earth.
But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything at all. Right now, every single family can start being better and become one step closer to protect the Earth from waste. A great way and an easy way to start is with composting kit from Innotak. Out kit includes clear and simple instructions for the beginners called the "Protectors of the Earth". A brand-new bin that was made with remarkable quality and that was engineered to perfection down to the tiniest details. When you will receive this compost bin, you will understand how much heart and soul we put int this bin, so that it will continue bringing you joy every day.
The kit includes 6 carbon filters to keep your kitchen smelling nice and fresh. These filters will remove any bad odor that would come from the bin. It is recommended to change your filter every month for best results. The kit also comes with a roll of biodegradable trash bags for the bin. These biodegradable trash bags when come in contact with high humidity will become compost with the waste inside without any special treatment or procedure, since these bags are made from corn powder. The trash bags where specifically produced for our compost bin. The roll contains 50 bags and according to our estimates it should last for about 2 months. We also included a rubber band for you to keep the bags in the bin for easy use.
The kit contains a reminder page where you can put in a location of your choice so you could easily know what you can place in the bin. Everything is carefully packaged and can be used as a great gift to family and friends. One small thing could have a large effect on your planet and this product does just that. Here in Lucky , we are dedicated in serving you and serving the planet Earth for a brighter future and better tomorrow.